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Our Facilities

Shop I

Area 5,000 sqm

Shop II

Area 39,000 sqm

Our Major Equipment

Heavy Equipment
Quantity Description Quantity Description
One Unit 160 Tonner Mobile RT Crane Two Units 4 Tonner Vibro Roller
One Unit 140 Tonner Mobile Crane Lattice Two Units 10 Tonner Vibro Roller
One Unit 100 Tonner Crane Lattice Two Units Pay loader
One Unit 65 Tonner Crane Lattice Two Units Bobcat Skid Loader
One Unit 60 Tonner Crawler Crane Six Units Backhoe Crawler Type
Three Units 45 Tonner RT Crane One Unit Backhoe Wheel type
One Unit 45 Tonner Crane Lattice One Unit Mini Backhoe
Two Units 36 Tonner Hydraulic Crane (TADANO) Two Units 10 Wheeler Prime Mover (INTERNATIONAL)
Three Units 25 Tonner Hydraulic Crane (TADANO) One Unit 6 Wheeler Prime Mover (ISUZU)
One Unit 18 Tonner Crane (RT60) Two Units Hi Bed Trailer
Three Units Man lift Two Units Low Bed Trailer (35 Tons)
One Unit 6 Tonner Forklift Three Units 10 Wheeler Cargo Truck (ISUZU)
One Unit 10 Tonner Forklift Five Units 10 Wheeler Dump Truck (ISUZU)
Ten Units Bulldozer Seven Units Elf (ISUZU)
One Unit Grader (MITSUBISHI) One Unit Track Excavator
Industrial Machine Shop Equipment
Quantity Description Quantity Description
One Unit Crank Shaft Grinder (72”) BJM Brand One Unit Vertical Lathe with 6’ Diameter Chuck/Bed
One Unit Conrad Resizer BJM Brand One Unit Cylinder Boring Machine
One Unit Valve Refacer KUHALCARA Brand Three Units Horizontal Boring Machine with Universal Table
One Unit Vertical Line Boring Machine RENU Brand One Unit Planer Machine with 8’ Length Bed
One Unit Honing Machine One Unit Complete Precision Measuring Tools (English/Metric) and accessories
Six Units Lathe Machine One Unit Shaper Machine
Two Units Universal Milling Machine One Unit Surface Grinder Machine
One Unit 6’ Arm Readial Drill One Unit CNC Lathe Machine (Brand: Takisawa TW20
One Unit Big Collet Machine